Our goal at Shallow Creek Outfitters is not to be the biggest operation around...It is simply to be the best at providing our clients with an opportunity at a trophy buck. Two major factors must be present to achieve this goal, low pressure and a quality tract of land. SCO operates on one of the largest land holdings in the region. 

  During the antler growing season, bucks are feasting on crops consisting of milo and wheat as well as natural browse such as bluestem which is very high in protein.  Large parcels of corn silage are also planted providing a tremendous amount of cover for the deer. At harvest time, crops are left standing in strategic locations for wildlife usage. Mineral sites have been established that supplements the food plots and corn for the herds. In addition to the abundant crop, there are three creeks intersecting on our property providing a great source of water and miles of creek bottoms holding many mast bearing trees.  

  The landowner has never allowed anyone to hunt this property outside of himself. This means we have thousands of acres that have never been pressured resulting in very good age structure for many mature bucks. Because of this, our deer move during daylight hours, rarely look up, and many times will even ignore human scent.  We thrive to maintain the low pressure status by severely limiting the number of hunters we book.

With the amount of land we have, we will never exceed 20 hunters per year to maintain the health of our herds. Not only does this severely limit the pressure put on the herds, but it also keeps the numbers low enough so that we can provide you with the attention you need.  

  As great as our deer hunting is, it’s still fair chase hunting and we are at the mercy of mother nature.  We do what we can to stack the odds in your favor and looking for serious hunters committed to do what it takes to harvest their trophy buck!

Your Deer Hunt


  • $5,000 for a 6 day hunt.  
  • 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your dates.  
  • The remaining balance will be due at the time of arrival in camp, before the morning hunt.

2019 Season


September 1 - December 31


November 29 - December 12

*No muzzleloader hunts

License & Tag

If you are not a Kansas resident you must apply for the non-resident tag from April 1 to April 26 each year. 

  • $442.50 Non-resident tag
  • $97.50 Non-resident license

*Fees are not included in the hunt price.

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For booking or more information, contact:

Romanian Dave at 405-417-1111 OR

848 N 30th Rd, Sylvan Grove, Kansas 67481

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