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 Hi, my name is David Molociniuc or as my friends call me, Romo. I was born and raised in Romania until the age of 14 when I moved to the United States. Until I was introduced to hunting many years ago by one of my employee’s, I couldn’t understand why he would often take time off work to hunt. It was when I finally accepted his invite to join him that I completely understood!

  Immediately, I purchased all the gear I needed to go hunting with him. Several years passed and I could no longer resist my desire to hunt so I quit my business to work full time in the hunting industry. I started working with another close friend and also the owner of an outfitting business, then was soon after presented with the perfect opportunity to build my own outfitting business, Shallow Creek Outfitters. 

 I get no greater joy than hunting, guiding clients to a trophy, and making new friends along the way. The smiles as well as excitement in their eyes while posing with their trophy is a great feeling of accomplishment! 

  Shallow Creek Outfitters is located in Sylvan Grove, Ks  approximately 45 miles west of Salina, Ks in Unit 7.   We offer quality hunts for Whitetail, waterfowl, and turkey on highly managed, low hunting pressure properties.  We have abundant acreage, great genetics, and high protein food sources that contribute to one of the best deer herds in Kansas.  We keep our bookings low so every hunter has an opportunity at their trophy of a lifetime.  

   I welcome you to come hunt at Shallow Creek Outfitters!