Romanian Dave

Hi my name is David Molociniuc or Romanian Dave as my friends call me.  I was born in Romania and lived their until I was 14 when I came to the US and became a citizen.  I was not a hunter in my youth but was introduced to my passion years ago by an employee on my construction crew.  My friend would routinely show up late for work and sometimes not at all during hunting season.  I couldn't understand how anything could get in the way of your job.  After many invitations I finally relented and let him take me hunting.  The rest is history.  I immediately understood why work wasn't his priority as the passion ignited inside me. I went out and bought all the best gear and began taking my friend away from work!  Several years passed and I could no longer resist the calling and sold my businesses so that I could work full time in the hunting industry. Hunting builds life long bonds and to this day we are still friends.  After a few years of working with a close friend who owned an outfitting

service I was presented with the opportunity to start Shallow Creek Outfitters. Today, I get no greater joy than guiding friends and clients to a trophy.  Be it Whitetails, Waterfowl or Turkey, there is something about the smile on their face and the glimmer in their eye as they pose with their trophy.  This is what Shallow Creek Outfitters is about and I would like to personally welcome you!